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23 July 2014 

Today was the soft launch of Georgia’s Restaurant at the Anaheim Packing District.

While it appears underwhelming at first glance, the warm Southern hospitality at Georgia’s—coupled with the cornbread served with honey butter and their flavorful pulled pork sandwich—will leave you lusting for more. Trust me.

Did I mention you should trust me?

Nika runs the restaurant with her mother, Gretchen, loving called Nana by everyone. Georgia’s Restaurant is actually named after Nika’s father, George. The mother-daughter duo dedicated menu items based on their family’s favorite dishes.

I had my fellow foodies, Justin and Jacky in tow. Nika approached us and gave us details about Georgia’s namesake, George. Simply put, he loved food! A framed photograph of George hangs humbly right beside the kitchen, greeting every customer with his gentle smile.

The menu is simple with dishes served with love. Nika personally gave each of us some cornbread with honey butter (my taste buds venerate you, Nika, thank you!). Nana was also there to greet us with a warm welcome.

Justin, Jacky, and I decided to sample their pulled pork sandwich, and it was simply divine. The pork was ever so tender and seasoned to perfection.

Georgia’s is by far, my most favorite eatery at the Anaheim Packing District—we can discuss drinks and dessert in another entry. With its simple Southern charm and hospitality, Georgia’s is a winner.

The best thing about Georgia’s is that it feels like I’m eating food made with wholesome love. It feels as though Nana and Nika have extended their family table to all of us.

On July 24th at 5:00 pm, Mayor Tom Tait will pay Georgia’s a visit to cut the ribbon for the official grand opening. I’m sure he’ll agree that the food is ‘soul-delicous!’

Thanks again Nika and Nana for the warm welcome and for the amazing personalized hospitality. We are soul grateful! I’m certain you’ll be food celebrities soon.

We will be back…to try the ribs…and more cornbread…and definitely the pulled pork!

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Dinner 27.7.13
Masala Zone, Covent Garden

I watched an episode of ‘Rick Stein’s India’ this afternoon and he made the curries look so tasty!

So after working up an appetite I decided to head over to Masala Zone for dinner. Although it’s a chain, they do offer thali which is a platter with different sides including curry complete with chapati, rice, and pappadum.

Beneath Rajasthani puppets I dined on my chicken curry while reminiscing about my 2006 trip to India.

Since the food was a bit spicy, I also ordered a mango lassi to cool down my taste buds.

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Dinner 2.6.2013

Wahaca, London

Omg. I’m blogging again and it feels goood, as good and delicious as the Mexican food in Wahaca.

This Wahaca is in Soho, London. They’ve been so successful that they’ve opened more branches throughout London (Westfield, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden—the original one). I usually get six tacos. Last night I had the cactus tacos which had a smokey, earthy, and potatoey flavor. I also ordered my usual pork pibil which reminds me a little bit of tacos al pastor found in L.A.(maybe even Mexico?).

For dessert I had the chocolate tres leches or three milks topped with peanut butter ice cream. Talk about a balanced diet, you have your dairy and protein all in one go.

I washed this down with horchata—which Wahaca does pretty well—the cinnamon rice drink that can definitely be found in Mexico. :-). Muy delicioso.

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Snack 31.1.13, West London

Manner Schnitten anyone? This sweet wafer snack is from Austria. Supposedly they’re Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite.

I like them too! It’s fun to eat them layer by layer. Bite and lick, bite and lick…I know it sounds graphic, but that’s what happens when you eat them layer by layer. I had mine with tea.

In case you were wondering why I didn’t post anything between the 29-30th of January, well, I didn’t eat those days. I had no appetite. True story.

Go work that one out….how a foodie wouldn’t want to eat for two days.

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Breakfast 28.1.13, West London

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I love breakfast in every form, I love breakfast for lunch, dinner, and snacks. I love breakfast healthy and I love breakfasts that can potentially threaten you with heartburn.

This breakfast is simple and healthy. I needed it to keep me going for a long work day ahead. I opted for a bowl of Quaker Oats and a soft boiled egg.

I wish I got a picture of the gloriously drippy egg yolk. When I was little in the Philippines, we had a chicken that laid eggs, just like this egg. My grandma always fed the egg to me spoonful after drippy spoonful. I hated that, but now I love my eggs runny. I’m a softy for nostalgia. I miss my Lola J.

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Dinner, Sunday, 27.1.13

Wahaca, Soho, London

You can take a girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl, so that means, I crave ‘Mexican’ food.

I’m sure the population of Oaxaca would roll their eyes the minute they realize that the Brits have spelled their hometown incorrectly and on top of that, are serving ‘street food’ that they probably don’t even eat in their streets.

But I gotta give Wahaca in London some credit because they’re the best tasting ‘Mexican’ food I’ve had in the UK, so I suppose that says something, and they’ve been steadily growing since they’ve opened three years ago. Now, if only they could lower the prices of their horchata, I’d be a real happy camper!

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Dinner 26.1.13

West London

Some days I skip meals, today is one of those days. I don’t do it on purpose, usually I’m so ‘in the zone’ that I forget that it’s past my meal time. 

Today I had Italian take away from this amazing little local restaurant. The owners are ever so sweet and they keep encouraging me to buy their cannoli. It’s pretty evil but in deliciously sugary sinful kind of way.

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Lunch 25.1.13

Misato, Chinatown London

Misato is actually a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown. I suppose Chinatown in London just means ‘Oriental town’. Yes, Brits, why do you call East Asians and Southeast Asians, Oriental!? That bothers me somehow. Anyway, you can find Vietnamese food, Filipino food, and Korean food in London’s Chinatown.

Misato is known for inexpensive cafe food. This particular dish costs 6.00 pounds, but their teriyaki chicken is a bargain, only 4.50 with rice and salad!

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Dinner 24.1.13
Raoul’s, London
I arrived London quite jet-lagged and by the time I was all settled in, it was already dinner time. I went to Raoul’s in West London.
I ordered lamb kofta, hummus, fried halloumi, with pita bread. I very sleepy at that point so no photos of me :/ for the simple reason that I was just too tired that I forgot. Next time…

Dinner 24.1.13

Raoul’s, London

I arrived London quite jet-lagged and by the time I was all settled in, it was already dinner time. I went to Raoul’s in West London.

I ordered lamb kofta, hummus, fried halloumi, with pita bread. I very sleepy at that point so no photos of me :/ for the simple reason that I was just too tired that I forgot. Next time…

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LAX to LHR Dinner 23.1.13

Alas, I finally got to try American Airlines’ international First Class product. We’re an airline family and I grew up knowing the ins and outs of airline/airport life.

I’m ever so grateful for my upgrade to First Class, which is very rare these days. American Airlines is revamping their service and I was impressed with my six-course meal…if you include the amuse bouche of ripe melon and pancetta! The curry soup was a bit too spicy for my liking and too thick. Felt more like a cheesy, gooey dip. The beef salad with asparagus was ever so tender and I chose a simple penne pasta dish for my main.

For dessert, I had a vanilla sundae with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, and melted butterscotch…simply to die for.

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Lunch, Parents’ House, LA, 22.1.13

Last day in LA for a few months. My mother loves to give us a selection of dishes to choose from. Today it was picadillo or ground pork cooked in tomatoes, salt and pepper and potatoes, egg torta, vegetables, and plantains.

I opted for the torta (egg omelette with ground pork and potatoes) with rice and banana ketchup…yes, banana ketchup!

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Dinner, Parents’ House, LA, 21.1.13

My dad also wanted to buy some take out from ‘Pinoy-Pinay’ for dinner so we bought pork belly and beef stew. The stew is called ‘caldereta’ and pork belly is ‘lechon’…and man o’ man…(<—look a palindrome!)…this was sooo tasty! It was as though a choirof angels sang inside my mouth during every bite. God Bless globalization and the growing Filipino population of Southern California. The food here is heavenly!

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Snack, Parents’ House, LA, 21.1.13

This is another Filipino sweet, called, ‘karioka’. It sounds like karaoke, but it’s karioka. I hope I spelled that correctly. It’s Filipino street food and one can usually eat this for merienda or snack in the afternoon.

We bought this at Pinoy-Pinay which is a Filipino fast food chain found in Southern California and in Las Vegas.

Sadly, this was too chewy! So chewy that it hurt my jaws after eating just one.

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Breakfast, Inauguration Day, Parent’s House, LA 21.1.13

I woke up early for to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration. I was sitting in the kitchen in my pajamas when all of a sudden my mother (bless her!!) surprised me with a ‘silog’ for breakfast.

'Silog' is a Filipino dish consisting of fried rice ('si'nangag), fried egg (it'log'), and usually a meat of your choice.

So this particular one was with fried fish and Filipino sausage called ‘longanisa’ so this dish can technically be called, ‘longsilog’. :)

God Bless America and globalization!

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